iViDA 2500

The iViDA 2500 is a sleek and subtle disposable vape, capable of delivering up to 2500 Puffs. They are designed to be convenient and easy to use with no mess. Pre-filled with with a premium 5% Salt Nic Formula to effectively satisfy the cravings.
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What are iViDA Disposables?
iViDA Disposables are a type of disposable vape that are pre-filled and pre-charged for immediate use. To activate the device, simply inhale through the mouthpiece.
The e-liquid in each draw of the vape bar is designed to provide an extra kick, thanks to the inclusion of a nicotine salt formula. Nicotine salts are similar to the nicotine crystals found in tobacco leaves, delivering a smoother and quicker nicotine hit compared to traditional freebase nicotine.

What flavours do iViDA Bars offer?
iViDA Disposables are available in a wide range of flavours. From the ever popular Watermelon Ice, to juicy combination flavours such as Mango Guava Ice, we are sure you'll find something that satisfies your palate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much nicotine is in an an iViDA Disposable?
To cater to different preferences, iViDA Disposables are offered in two nicotine strengths: 20mg and 50mg. You can choose the strength that best meets your needs.

How long does an iViDA Disposable last?
The lifespan of an iViDA Disposable largely depends on how frequently you vape. For some users, a single bar may last up to two days, while others may enjoy it for several weeks. The device is engineered to deliver between 800 to 5000 puffs (depending on the length of each draw) and is equipped with a battery that is capable of powering the device until the e-liquid is fully consumed.

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